Cafe Scooteria Menu
Hot Drinks: 12oz. 16oz. or 20oz. Cold Drinks: 20oz. or 24oz.
  • Coffee and Chai
    • Latte Steamed milk over espresso Add Flavor +$0.50
      $3.50/ $3.75/$4.00
    • Mocha Steamed milk over espresso with chocolate Milk Chocolate, Aztec Chocolate, White Chocolate, Tuxedo, Nutella
      $3.75/ $4.00/$4.25
    • Cappuccino Steamed and frothed milk over espresso 8oz. Available
      $3.25/ $3.50/ $3.75/$4.00
    • Chai Latte Black or green tea based chai blended with milk. House, Tiger, Green Tea, Vanilla, Power, Decaf, Sugar Free Specialty Chai +$0.50 Salted Caramel, Pumpkin Pie, Mint Chocolate Chip, Winter Spice, Apple Pie, etc.
      $3.50/ $3.75/ $4.00
    • Espresso Espresso made with custom blended beans served in traditional Italian style. Drink with shot of espresso, +$0.50 to drink price
      $1.50/ $2.00/ $2.50
    • Whipped Shortie 8oz. Cappuccino with whipped cream
    • Drip Coffee Dark French or Medium Italian Roasts
      $1.50/ $1.75/ $2.00
    • Americano Shots of espresso with hot water
      $2.00/ $2.50/ $3.00
    • Red Eye Drip Coffee with shot of espresso
      $2.00/ $2.50/ $3.00
    • Hot Chocolate Aztec or Milk Chocolate, whipped cream and marshmallows optional
      $2.25/ $2.75/ $3.00
    • Tea English Breakfast, Chamomile, Green Tea, Peppermint, Earl Grey
      $1.75 Any Size
    • Frappe Caramel, Mocha, and other flavors blended with Ghiradelli and ice.
      $4.50/ $5.00
    • Smoothie Raspberry, Strawberry Banana, or Peach Add a scoop of gelato for $1
      $4.50/ $5.00
    • Iced Coffee Espresso and coffee over ice.
      $2.50/ $3.00
    • Iced Chai Blended chai and milk over ice.
    • Iced Latte Espresso and milk over ice
    • Iced Mocha Espresso, milk, and chocolate over ice.
      $4.00/ $4.25
  • Breakfast
    • Breakfast Burritos Sausage, Bacon, Vegetarian Ancho Chile, or Black Bean
    • Toasted Ham and Cheese Croissants
    • Scones Delivered Daily From The Studebaker, -Call For Flavor of the Day
    • Croissants Plain, Chocolate, or Raspberry Jam
      $2.50/ $3.00
    • Donuts Plain Glazed, Old Fashioned, Chocolate Twist, Cake Crumb, Chocolate Sprinkle, Maple Bar, Custard Filled
      $1.00, $1.25
    • Muffins Blueberry, Flavor of the Day
    • Miscellanious Pastries Apple Fritter, Butterhorn, Raspberry Hazelnut Cookie, etc.
    • Bagels with Fresh Cream Cheese
      $3.00+ $1.50
  • Delivery
    It's true! We deliver coffee to locations around Sonoma, and the best part is that we deliver on a scooter! (conditions permitting) We deliver everything from Chai's to Breakfast Burritos, -call in your order of minimum 2 drinks and add $1 delivery fee per drink (waived for orders over 5 drinks) It's a great idea for a pick-me-up at work or at home!